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ECOPSY Consulting

Client: ECOPSY ConsultingOpen in a new window
Project duration: 3,5 months
Project completion date: May 30 2012
: web platform
: Interface design

High quality and fare assessment of employees competences is a task of current interest for every fast growing company. Geographically distributed companies spend a lot of time and resources to complete this task since people have to move to another region and reschedule their working plans to provide such expertise. In IT era this problem has a solution but requires well-organized work of big team capable to provide comfortable and easy-to-use b2b solution.


ECOPSY ConsultingOpen in a new window that is #1 among Russian HR consulting companies in 2012 according to Expert advertising agency initiated this project. The main project goal was to make large-scale remote assessment of employees competences more accessible by providing it online. Created technology named Web@ssessmentOpen in a new window is aimed to decrease ECOPSY clients' expenditures on assessment without significant quality loss (compared with offline assessment centers).

Project stages and peculiarities

Project specifics was to create online version of already debugged and well organized potential employee selection process. However transferring of interactive assessment process into Web turned out to be concerned with a number of difficulties. The biggest one is risk to assess employees computer skills instead of his/hers managing competences. Obscure and overloaded interface can wipe out all programmers and consultants attempts to design proper business logics.

Hence fromemployee's point of view assessment processrequires completion of different types of taskssuch as business cases, negotiation, work with subordinates, tests and interviews.

Every Web@ssessmentOpen in a new window task is limited in time and necessarily contains expert interaction stage. The expert thus interviews employee according to special technique.

Expert'stask in the procedure is to conduct employees supervision, fix employees answers and evaluate his/hers work according to specially designed competences (effective communication, system thinking, etc.). It is necessary for the expert not to be distracted by minor processes and interface elements because display for him/her is a tool expert works with during all 56 hours of assessment.

After all the tasks are completed by assessed employees, experts conduct a global meeting during which they consolidate employees grades and competences. Consolidation process is also available online so experts from different regions and even countries can take part in the assessment.


Work on this project was conducted in 'time & material' format. UIDGOpen in a new window specialist demonstrated interim results, collected feedback and made changes in prototype. Besides during regular project team meetings usability specialists consulted client concerning graphical design issues and provided system usability testing.

Taking specific user behavior scenarios into account allowed to handle unexpected difficulties appeared when offline business logic was transferred into Internet via simplification process.

The project was fulfilled in a short time frame and with high level of quality. Upon works completion fruitful partnership was established between UIDesign GroupOpen in a new window and ECOPSY ConsultingOpen in a new window.

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