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System interface development for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction from geological and engineering procedures

Client: OT-OIL
Project duration: 5 months
Project completion date: July 2012
Usability environment: Intranet
Services provided: UI design

One of the key processes for oil and gas extracting companies is the process of geological and engineering procedures accounting within investment and production activities. Professionals work during thus process is impossible without full-scale adoption of modern Information Technologies. Creating an information system with clean and simple interface allows improving HR efficiency during tasks execution.


The main UIDG task in this project was to develop interface for completely redesigned version of already existing product for those who plan and monitor works on minefields. To perform this task it was necessary to determine system users their needs and problems having access to analysts only as well as to find compromise and understanding between analysts and developers. The final goal in this situation was to create framework of patterns that allow performing tasks within processes already formed in the branch. It was also necessary to actualize and modernize existing systems appearance.

System interface for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction
System interface for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction

Project stages and peculiarities

Despite the absence of access to end-users and formalized business-processes of corresponding departments a comprehensive amount of works was provided from data collection via customers analysts interviewing (the latter had access to end-users) to design of final systems screens. It is noteworthy that UIDesign Group specialists managed to offer unique controls for oil extraction monitoring parameters allowing handling big amounts of data represented in complex tables with lots of nesting levels. In example, new format was offered for representation of different plans and their versions to help choose the best option quickly. To represent tables with lots of nesting levels and two types of relation designers used indentation, color-coding and different relation marks. Specialists also developed controls-charts for visual representation of plan completion and in-place adjustment.

System interface for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction
System interface for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction


As a result of this work typical user scenarios were developed. According to this information system concept, modules and then detailed prototypes were created. Thus step-by-step collecting and fixing text information (users and scenarios) and then graphic data (concept and detailed design) we moved from large scale to details having opportunity to collect feedback from customer on every level of specification and what is important to change and correct necessary scope not wasting time on detail verification and moving from general to specific. As a result working with big tables of input data was organized and logics of system functionality for package planning and working with mining plans versions was provided.

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