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We have successfully and effectively completed dozens of projects. We count among our clients large, domestic and foreign companies and we are happy to say that we are continuing to work with most of them. Here are some examples of our completed projects:


System interface development for planning, prediction and monitoring of oil extraction from geological and engineering procedures

Client: OT-OILOpen in a new window
Project type: UI design
One of the key processes for oil and gas extracting companies is the process of geological and engineering procedures accounting within investment and production activities. Professionals work during thus process is impossible without full-scale adoption of modern Information Technologies. Creating an information system with clean and simple interface allows improving HR efficiency during tasks execution. Read more

ECOPSY Consulting

Client: ECOPSY ConsultingOpen in a new window
Project type: Interface design
High quality and fare assessment of employees competences is a task of current interest for every fast growing company. Geographically distributed companies spend a lot of time and resources to complete this task since people have to move to another region and reschedule their working plans to provide such expertise. In IT era this problem has a solution but requires well-organized work of big team capable to provide comfortable and easy-to-use b2b solution. Read more

Usability testing in different countries: a look inside

Client: UXAllianceOpen in new window
Project type: Usability-consulting
Providing usability researchesin different countries among different cultures researchers face withunexpected challenges. Read more

UXa International eBanking Benchmark Study

Client: UXAllianceOpen in new window
Project type: international research
Our combined resources around the world gives us easy access to banking sites around the globe. For this study, UXAllianceOpen in a new window members (including UIDesign Group) from 18 countries reviewed some 38 banking sites on the web and on mobile. This report is a high-level overview of some of the key findings, including: insights into the secure banking environment establishing the global market landscape, an industry analysis for authenticating customers and a review the secure landing pages across the web and mobile platforms for banking institutions.
Download as PDFOpen in a new window

The evaluation of corporate Twitter profiles of companies representing 17 different countries

Client: UXAllianceOpen in new window
Project type: international research
UIDG and the UXallianceOpen in new windowUXalliance investigated whether the top global companies recognized by their outstanding reputations also deliver that same outstanding service online when communicating to their customers on Twitter in various locations around the world. The ten global companies surveyed were those shortlisted in Fortune MagazinesOpen in a new windowlist of the Worlds Most Admired Companies 2010Open in a new window... Read more

The evaluation of independent global airlines websites

Client: UXAllianceOpen in new window
Project type: international research
For this user centric study, UIDesign Group and the partners of the UXallianceOpen in new window evaluated the websites of independent global airlines. The objective was to assess how well each one had been designed to serve customers in their local markets... Read more

International Study of IVR interfaces

Client: VimpelComOpen in new window
Project type: IVR — international research
We completed a very interesting project for the company VimpelCom (Beeline trademark). The project included the international research study of IVR interfaces. The data we obtained allowed making practical conclusions and recommendations. We received very positive references from colleagues from Beeline.

Sibur B2B Design

Client: SIBUROpen in new window
Project type: Internal B2B Portal — UI design; visual design
In the frame of our next project for Sibur we designed the interface of the start page of the company’s internal B2B portal. We also undertook its visual design. The start page became not only very informative, but also attractive and positive. These changes supported Sibur’s style of a friendly and open company.

Audit of Online Bank VTB24

Client: VTB24Open in new window
Project type: Usability testing, expert evaluation
Telebank is a system for remote bank service provided by VTB24. We are proud that we were enlisted as experts to evaluate the quality of the system’s usability and make proposals for its optimization. Our rich experience in the banking and financial products and online banking in particular, allowed completing the project quickly and ensured its high quality. As the result Telebank became even more convenient and comfortable at work.

Usability testing of web service

Client: MegaFonOpen in new window
Project type: Web service — Usability testing
On a highly competitive telecommunication market, one of the main objectives of the players is not simply to provide quality and affordable traditional services but also to offer new services. Today mobile operators have to compete not only with each other but also with new markets of Internet services.
We have successfully conducted a detailed study of one of the new MegaFon services. The project was very interesting and, judging by the reviews of clients, very useful.
Alexander Bugakov, Senior Market Research at MegaFon shared his impressions:
«UIDesign specialists managed not only to complete the work within tight deadlines, but also demonstrated great involvement in the project, from the analysis stage of release version of the product till the result presentation to my colleagues at the end of the project. The test results and recommendations were stated clearly, suggestions about functions and tested product interface alterations were formulated in a very applied way, what enabled their quick implementation in the final version of the product. We witnessed the professionalism and enthusiastic work at the same time.»
Jacob Bernstein, head of the department, project office of MegaFon noted:
«I find our cooperation extremely useful! Testing proved to be very effective, and it opened our eyes to many things. I think that all projects of medium and high degree of complexity in terms of UI must include such testing as its essential part!»

Online bank on the mobile phone

Client: InbankOpen in new window
Project type: Mobile application — UI design, development monitoring
Following the desktop version of online bank Inbank we created the mobile application. We considered the peculiarities of mobile interfaces and designed no less convenient mobile version than desktop one. A lot attention was paid to working with templates of payment so that the user did not have to type the payment details on the phone each time. The user creates a template of payment using a desktop computer and then can use it on the mobile phone. Only payment amount is left to be specified.

Online Bank Inbank

Client: InbankOpen in new window
Project type: Web site — UI design, development monitoring
The Bank Inbank is focused on the remote customer service, and all their work with clients is done online, only withdrawal of money and cash deposits are operated offline via ATMs. Our task was to design the interface of internet bank that solved the traditional problems of working with individuals and corporate clients, as well as provided a convenient way to teach new users how to work with the system. In the frame of this project we designed a new interface for internet bank built on analysis of existing analogs, and based on the experience gained in previous works with banking systems. Also, we worked on graphical user interface design and layouts.

Travel portal i-Travel

Client: S7 TourOpen in new window
Project type: UI design
i-Travel is a portal that implies the users’ unassisted work on choosing, registering and paying for different tours online without the need to visit the company’s office. Online services of this kind are still not widely-spread in Russia. Taking into account the foreign experience in this field, we created the service responding to the needs of Russian tourists.

International research on WiFi hotspots

Client: MegaFonOpen in new window
Project type: Web service — research
Public access to the Internet through WiFi is becoming more and more popular. It is now available in cafes, airports and other public places. However, it is rather complicated to get connected or use the service.
In order to help our partners from MegaFon make WiFi service transparent for users we held an international research aimed to learn how such services are rendered in Russia and abroad, in particular in Germany and the UK. In course of studying various providers and types of hotspots we assessed their advantages and disadvantages in order to work out a list of recommendations for MegaFon.
«I am pleased with the results of the research, I received answers to all the questions», — commented Andrey Shubin, Project Manager, MegaFon.

Logistic System IWIS

Client: STS LogisticsOpen in new window
Project type: UI design
Logistics is impossible without clear planning, monitoring and quick communication.
Undoubtedly modern technologies play an important role in logistics, and without them no logistic company can operate. For example, the company STS Logistics uses an original system IWIS to optimize its employees’ work, to automate the organization and maintenance of transportation. The old version of IWIS was hard to use and was actually an obstacle for the employees and not a helper. After conducting a series of interviews and field studies we started to work on the new conception of system’s interface. The new version of IWIS became not only user-friendly, but it also enabled users to work fast and ensured high quality.

Rambler TOP 100

Client: Rambler Media GroupOpen in new window
Project type: UI redesign, visual design, expert evaluation, usability testing, development monitoring
Service Rambler TOP 100 provides an alternative scheme of search and makes the most popular resources easy to find.
It is used mostly by novice users who are not accustomed to working with search engines. For the owners of the sites listed in the Top 100 it is a significant source of traffic which they will not want to abandon.
We worked on the service redesign, including visual design. After redesign we provided expert evaluation and conducted usability testing.

User Interface and Visual Design of a Document Management System

Client: SIBUROpen in new window
Project type: Electronic Document Management System — UI redesign; visual design
High speed and quality of decision making has a vital importance for effective management of a company, especially in the rapidly changing business environment. High quality interface enables to focus on the users tasks and not on peculiarities of the systems interface.
We have fulfilled this idea within the framework of a project for SIBUROpen in new window, a leader of the Russian oil and gas industry. Our goal was to improve a user interface of a document management system. We have redesigned the interface and made it more efficient: fast, convenient, and more user friendly. We also enhanced a visual design in compliance with SIBUR corporate style.

Deposits calculator at Banki.ru information Web portal

Client: Banki.ru Information AgencyOpen in new window
Project type: Web service — UI design; visual design, development monitoring
Banki.ruOpen in new window is a major information portal on banks in the Russian Internet offering a range of services to its visitors. We worked on design of a deposits calculator for the portal. We developed an easy-to-use tool that helps estimate returns on a deposit subject to all the taxes and dues.

User research for Volkswagen

Client: SirValUse for VolkswagenOpen in new window
Project type: user research
UIDesign has carried out a user research for one of products of the world major automobile manufacturer, VolkswagenOpen in new window. It was a part of an international project lead by our partner, UXallianceOpen in new window, an international alliance of usability companies.
Though the customers requirements to management of this project were very strict, we succeeded in satisfying the organizational and professional objectives of the client, therefore we received a very high appraisal of the work completed.

OPENSPACE.RU, cultural events portal

Client: ARTMEDIA GroupOpen in new window
Project type: Web portal — usability testing
OPENSPACE.RUOpen in new window is a source of trustworthy information on the broadest scope of issues of contemporary art and cultural events. Stakeholders of the project strived to satisfy the users needs, thus they applied to us to get some professional advice and help. We decided to launch a user experience testing in order to identify and eliminate main problems. This was one of such projects that we enjoyed very much as cooperation with users was very interesting -among our respondents there were collectors, cinephiles, owners of art galleries, etc.
We received high appraisal for the work done and we are sure our solutions will improve a manner and quality of information presentation on the portal.
«This is not the first time I am working with your company. I very much appreciate the results of our mutual cooperation!» — said Anastasia Vergazova, the editor of OPENSPACE.RU project.

Corporate Web site

Client: TNK-BPOpen in new window
Project type: Web sites — user research, usability testing
We have successfully completed a large user research study for TNK-BP. The project was bilingual as we revised both the Russian and English versions of the Web site. We had two main tasks: collect and analyze the requirements to the corporate site (tnk-bp.ruOpen in new window tnk-bp.comOpen in new window) and conduct a broad user experience testing. We have fulfilled dozens of interviews and testing sessions with Russian and foreign journalists and financial analysts. The work was rather tense for us, but we were glad to find out that TNK-BP representatives found our analytical reports and recommendations to be useful.

Video Control System for RAO UES

Client: RAO UES of RussiaOpen in new window
Project type: Intranet video system — UI design, visual design
One of the main lines of business of the major energy company is construction of new facilities: dams, power plants, etc. Large construction projects considered to be priorities for the company, thus handled directly by the top management. However, Intranet system that allowed to monitor the construction works in place was very inconvenient and, hence, not efficient. Our aim was to develop a new user interface that would be not just user friendly, but also would have a nice visual design.

Interface of TV set-top box AmiNET

Client: Content-HouseOpen in new window
Project type: UI design, visual design
Development of broadband Internet has been changing the idea of spending time in front of a TV. It is not a mere watching anymore. On the contrary, it is an interactive type of activity, where audience is turning into participants of the process of forming and distributing programs. Our role in this project was to make the work with the interactive SBT convenient and pleasant for the whole family.


Client: Axance for EUROSPORTOpen in new window
Project type: Web portal — comparative user experience testing
In early May we were carrying out a comparative testing of an old and new version of a popular sports portal, EUROSPORT.RUOpen in new window. The project turned out to be exciting, especially when communicating with the users. We have tested the web sites with the help of several groups of users, for instance, football fans, which was rather interesting.
It was one of our major international projects led by UXallianceOpen in new window that we fulfilled together with AxanceOpen in new window, our French partner.

Severnaya Kazna Internet-Bank

Client: Severnaya Kazna bankOpen in new window(as of 30 November 2008 Severnaya Kazna bank belongs to Alfa-BankOpen in new window)
Project type: Internet bank — user experience study, UI redesign, visual design, development monitoring
Based on the user research results we came to the conclusion that the interface of the current Internet-bank needs several vital changes. Since the system was used by corporate clients and individuals, we suggested creating an interface for two main users roles. The interface for accounting experts has been adapted for financial transactions peculiar to legal entities, it has a special terminology. While the interface for individuals was designed to be easy and clear for people unfamiliar with financial terms. A user can choose the interface they like. We also changed a multilevel navigation into a simpler one so that most of the operations could be done in one click. An airy visual design made a general perception of the system more attractive and easy. We got a very high appraisal of the work completed.

Mobilnaya mama (Mobile Mummy) WAP-portal

Client: VympelComOpen in new window
Project type: WAP application — usability testing
We are glad to announce a completion of a usability test of Mobile MummyOpen in new window WAP-portal. During April and May we invited a lot of young mothers to interview and to monitor their work with the portal. We identified the issues and offered solutions that helped Beeline development team to improve their new portal. However, the portal already received a positive feedback of the users, which pleased the client very much.


Client: WebmediagroupOpen in new window
Project type: Web site — user experience study, UI design, usability consulting
Photo.Site is one of the oldest and most popular online photo resources in Russia. Eventually its structure and functions grew and became rather complicated, so the time has come to optimize the Web site in accordance with the users needs. We did a deep analysis of the audience and the existing interface solution. Our challenge was to redesign the Web site and not to lose its peculiarities and advantages.

Testing Smart Phones

Client: User Interface Design GmbHOpen in new window
Project type: smart phones — user experience testing
As a partner of User Interface Design GmbHOpen in new window we have carried out a large-scale usability testing of smart phones of one of the major handset manufacturer.
In addition to the materials and study report we also arranged a presentation of main results to the customer company and a number of recommendations for improvements of the user interface of the tested device.

DoubleGIS 3.0

Client: DoubleGISOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI design, Usability consulting, Usability testing
A DoubleGIS company product — a geo-informational system integrated with the municipal information service. We participated in the development of the new version of the product. Within the framework of the project we collected and analyzed a lot of data, developed a new interface and conducted a wide-scale usability test. One of the most important features of the project was the necessity of implementing the system using RibbonBar technology (used in Microsoft Office 2007). This significantly influenced the location of navigational elements and controls in the system.

DocUnity Electronic Document Management System

Client: BTLabOpen in new window
Project type: EDMS — UI design; visual design; development monitoring; usability consulting
DocUnity is a modern system of electronic document and records management. Our aim of working on this project was to develop a flexible customizable system. Owing to the information gathered during interviews and contextual research we worked out interesting solutions that also ensured a quick viable implementation of the system.

Videoportal, SPORTBOX.RU

Client: TV channel SPORTOpen in new window
Project type: Reach web application — UI redesign; Visual design
We have developed a new interface for the video-streaming module in the SPORTBOX.RUOpen in new window portal. The project was implemented using Microsoft Silverlight technology to formulate the interface. In the course of the project our experts studied this technology and created interfaces which apply it directly. The redesigned interface allows the selecting and viewing of sports broadcasts with improved quality and convenience.

Naumen Service Desk

Client: NaumenOpen in new window— leading Russian developer of software solutions for businesses and public authorities
Project type: Web application — UI design, Visual design, Usability consulting
Naumen Service Desk is a solution used in the automation of tech support and IT management services. We have developed a new interface, accounting for real work scenarios and users' needs, coupled with an attractive visual design.

Usability Testing of the Afisha.RU Website

Client: AfishaOpen in new window— Publishing house
Project type: Website — Competitive usability testing
The new version of «Afisha», a popular entertainment site, was recently released in a new and improved form, with an updated design and new features. So they could be confident about the convenience of the new site, the decision was taken to carry out competitive usability testing involving both «Afisha» and some of its competitors.
The project took about two months: we did the preliminary work, carried out the usability testing, processed the results and prepared a comparative analysis. As part of our involvement we compiled a range of recommendations on improving the user characteristics of the portal. This knowledge allowed our client to address the needs of regular visitors to the portal and attract new visitors.

Conducting Multinational Expert Reviews

Client: UXAllianceOpen in new window
Project type: international research
UXallianceOpen in new windowpartners conducted some international expert reviews as a part of World Usability Day 2007. The challenge for UIDesign Group was to evaluate IKEA website a Swedish furniture retailer with 35 sites in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Expert reviews were conducted in Russia, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.
The findings highlighted the importance of appropriate website localization for international companies and the necessity of paying special attention to cultural differences and traditions of different countries (communication style, visual perception, etc.).
Download full version of the report as PDFOpen in a new window

Training on Usability

Client: AcronisOpen in new window— global provider of storage management software
Project type: Training
Acronis is a global provider of storage management software that enables corporations and individuals to move, manage and maintain digital assets. Acronis software products are sold in more than 180 countries and are available in 15 languages. The convenience and efficiency of its solutions is one of the main factors ensuring the company's leading position in the industry. The company has established a user interface design department.
We conducted training sessions for the department staff on October 27-29 called «Usability and user interface design. Personas modeling practice».

Usability Testing of Mobile Services

Client: Beeline (VimpelCom)Open in new window— telecommunication operator
Project type: Mobile application — Expert evaluation, Usability testing
Our continuing cooperation with Beeline has seen the fruition of a new project, for which we conducted expert evaluation and usability testing of a new mobile service. This project is unique, due to its use of certain special equipment, used to make video recordings of users interacting with mobile phones as they performed certain tasks.

Network Printers Management System

Client: Samsung ElectronicsOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — Expert evaluation, Concept evaluation
We have carried out a usability audit of a system designed for managing printers in corporate networks. The system targets professional users, which greatly influenced the sophistication of the project.
Our experts evaluated every steps of working with the system, from installing the application to direct management of a specific printer. The results were reported in both Russian and English and were fully accepted by the client, who used them to introduce further corrections into the system.

Internet Bank for Individuals and Corporate Clients

Client: Bank Severnaya KaznaOpen in new window
Project type: Reach web application — Expert evaluation, Usability testing
The task was to conduct an audit of user interfaces within the internet service used by the clients of Severnaya Kazna bank. The product's audience includes two very distinct groups: on the one hand, accountants and corporate clients; and on the other, individuals actively involved with finance. We came up with 49 user scenarios and tested most of them. We used both expert evaluation and usability testing techniques to evaluate the user interface qualities of the internet banking experience

Content Management System (CMS) of Afisha.RU

Client: AfishaOpen in new window— Publishing house
Project type: Reach web application — UI redesign; Visual design
Within the framework of this project we made a range of observations and conducted interviews with the users, created a new concept for the system and developed a detailed interface, which is not only convenient and efficient but also esthetically pleasing: one of our tasks was the visual design of the system.

Askon: Seminar on «User Interface Design»

Client: AsconOpen in new window— CAD/CAPP/PDM developers and integrator
Project type: Seminar
From this seminar the attendees learned both the general principles used in the design of user interfaces and the specific algorithms that should be applied in the course of development. We covered all the key areas of the process in detail: users' requirements gathering, data analysis and the creation of personas.


Client: SpyLOGOpen in new window— developer of technological solutions in the Internet area
Project type: Reach web application — UI redesign; HTML coding; Visual design
We faced not a trivial task of integrating into one interface the data from various advertisement locations and creating tools for managing advertising campaigns. We basically had to cram a lot of data onto several screens while keeping the analysis and manipulation of the data clear and natural for users.

Internet Bank System for Individuals

Client: IzhcombankOpen in new window
Project type: Web application — UI design; Visual design monitoring
Internet bank systems represent a highly convenient service. You do not have to go to the bank and stand in a queue in order to get your account balance, convert cash from one currency to another or repay a loan. Moreover, you can use internet banking for paying monthly bills by transferring money straight from your current account.

Glavbukh Reference System

Client: Action MediaOpen in new window— publishing house
Project type: Web application — Usability testing, Usability consulting
The search process in the reference system depends on the section where the user is located, whereas in the original version of the system the search line was located underneath the tabs and the users always assumed that the entire system would be searched. Because searches did not work as users expected, we highlighted a lot of difficulties in the usability testing sessions.

Competitive Evaluation and Usability Testing

Client: Beeline (VimpelCom)Open in new window— telecommunication operator
Project type: WAP site — Competitive evaluation and usability testing
In the course of the latest project that we carried out for Beeline, we conducted some complex research that included a competitive evaluation of the company's new mobile service, as well as usability testing. As a result of the research conducted, we measured usability metrics indicating the quality of the interfaces compared; and suggested solutions targeted at improving the services.

Web Application Development Tool

Client: ZANASOpen in new window— government research-and-production enterprise
Project type: Web application — UI redesign, Visual design, Usability consulting
Since the system basically represents a set of blocks that are used to construct one service or another, the main functions used by developers are micro-design and the optimization of interface solutions, as well as the development of key patterns used to solve particular tasks.

GARANT Platforma F1 System

Client: Garant-ServiceOpen in new window— the leading information systems' developer
Project type: Desktop application — Competitive usability testing, Usability consulting
GARANT Platform F1 System, specialized databases on all branches of Russian legislation, is one of the largest reference systems out there. The legislative acts of 77 regions of Russia as well as the decisions of ten Federal Arbitration Courts of Circuits (FAC) are presented in the system. The information resources of the GARANT system exceed 1000000 (1M) documents. Many lawyers, accountants and managers would not be able to do their jobs without it. The efficiency and ease of using such a sophisticated system are some of the key criteria. We carried out extensive usability testing of the system to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of its user interface. As a result, we formulated a range of new solutions and recommendations for improving the interface and supporting user's scenarios.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3

Client: Corel CorporationOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study
Yet another project that we have completed with a foreign partner. This time we worked in partnership with an interdisciplinary and creative consulting firm that has specialized in usability testing of user interfaces, called User Interface design GmbHOpen in new window. The work was done for one of the world's largest software developers (primarily graphic related) - Corel Corporation. We were entrusted with conducting the research phase of the project: studying the habits of users working with CorelDraw Graphics Suite X3, conducting interviews, handling and processing the results.

Managing Mobile Content Sales

Client: Avant-MobileOpen in new window— mobile content provider
Project type: Web application — UI redesign
Yet another successfully competed work related to the production and distribution of mobile content. The market for such services is growing fast, competition is high and high-quality interfaces are viewed as a clear advantage. For this project we participated in the development of interfaces which keep track of sales statistics for mobile operators. This system is incorporated into a range of services offered by Avant Mobile (trademark: Mobster) to its clients.

New Yandex Mail

Client: YandexOpen in new window— the largest Russian web portal
Project type: Web application — Competitive usability testing
Yandex.Mail is one of the largest Russian e-mail services. For this project we conducted high-scale usability testing, carried out detailed analysis of the results and formulated a range of suggestions for optimizing the service.

Corporate Intranet Portal

Client: SirValUse Consulting GmbHOpen in new window— german leader in web usability testing and user experience consulting
Project type: Intranet portal — User experience study
As a part of our joint work with German usability company SirValUse, we conducted research and carried out a user experience study of the intranet portal belonging to one of the largest producers of computer equipment.
The project was made up of several stages: field research and interviews with users (we studied their communication habits at work), usability testing of the current version of the portal and the formulation of a summary report featuring the results of data analysis and a description of any problems found, all within the framework of the agreed requirements. We also made some recommendations about the interface.

Express Payment Module for Info-Port System

Client: Info-PortOpen in new windowgroup of companies — the service distributor
Project type: Extranet web application — UI design, Visual design
Unlike filling out an MTPL policy, where you need to enter a lot of data into the system, the express payment is a fast and simple operation. Remember, it is a luxury to spend more than a minute on a client if there is a queue of them in front of the operator.

New Mobile Service

Client: Beeline (VimpelCom)Open in new window— telecommunication operator
Project type: Mobile voice interface — Usability testing
Beeline, being a leader in the mobile communications market, is always developing and introducing new services. Our task in this project was the optimization of the user interface of one of these services.
The common goals, structure and test functionality of the service were originally provided by the client. We conducted research on the existing release, carried out extensive usability testing and suggested a range of conceptual and detailed solutions based on the results of the analysis.
Together with the client's own experts we selected and later processed in great detail the most effective ways of introducing the key features of the service into the interface.

Content Sales Management

Client: RapidSoftOpen in new window— IT developer
Project type: Web application — UI Design
The growth in popularity of mobile communication has been followed by an increase in the number of value-added services (VAS): downloading pictures and ringtones, using chat. In this project we have developed an internet resource interface for the sellers of such services.
With its help, users will be able to select the content they need, form a package and also manage sales parameters using the billing system, which features necessary statistical information and tools for managing the account.

Service Settings System

Client: Beeline (VimpelCom)Open in new window— telecommunication operator
Project type: Desktop application — UI Design, Usability testing
We have developed an interface for Beeline's latest software package - a settings module for the company's new service.
This system, once installed on a user's computer, allows quick and accurate adjustment of all required settings.
After the module was successfully developed, our company was invited to conduct usability testing of the newly created system: we conducted dozens of tests and prepared an extensive analytical report.

File Exchange Service

Client: Vested Development Inc. (EPAM Systems)Open in new window— software developer
Project type: Web service — UI Design, Usability consulting
This service represents a resource with which the users exchange files and batches (of files) without any volume limitations. The developers had conceived and designed a range of exciting and useful features but the way they appeared in the interface was questioned by both the users and the company managers.

Usability Testing of Corporate Site

Client: Fujitsu Siemens ComputersOpen in new window
Project type: Corporate website — Usability testing
Once again our company has participated in a large, international project for optimizing the corporate site of Fujitsu Siemens Computers. We conducted usability testing together with several groups of users of the resource, prepared an analytical report and offered a range of recommendations to the client.

Designing the Interface for RABOTA.RU

Client: RDW MediaOpen in new window— publishing house
Project type: Job website — UI Redesign, Visual design
Today only the laziest employers and potential employees avoid using specialized recruiting sites to search for vacancies and staff members. Such sites are present in abundance and most of them are overloaded with functions and are not particularly easy to use. Redesigning the interface of a large recruiting resource requires taking into account many factors, often mutually exclusive: on the one hand, we need to keep the solutions that users are accustomed to; on the other, simplify the existing mess of functions.

New Service for Beeline

Client: Beeline (VimpelCom)Open in new window— telecommunication operator
Project type: SMS and voice interface — UI Design, Usability testing
For Beeline, one of the largest Russian mobile operators, we participated in the creation of an SMS and voice interface for a product from a new line of offerings from the company. During the project, we carefully studied the requirements and standards of such interfaces, developed detailed solutions and conducted a range of usability tests with further adjustment of suggested ideas.

Financial Supermarket

Client: Bank PetrocommerceOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — Expert evaluation, UI Redesign, Usability consulting, Development monitoring
Retail financial services is an area where the speed and accuracy of operators and their decision-making is critical. Any mistake here leads to the loss of significant resources and a slow pace of work adversely affects efficiency.
For Bank Petrocommerce we developed an automated system for retail financial services, later named «Financial Supermarket».

Corporate Internet System

Client: SvyaznoyOpen in new window— retail network seller of mobile phones
Project type: Website — Expert evaluation
Svyaznoy, the famous retail network selling mobile phones and offering mobile operator services, approached us to conduct a detailed audit of one of its key internet projects. In the course of work we studied trends, goals and requirements for this kind of system and, based on these data, we made an analysis of the current system and also provided a range of concrete solutions to increase the efficiency of the system under review.

MTPL Policy Sales Module

Client: Info-PortOpen in new windowgroup of companies — the service distributor
Project type: Extranet web application — UI design, Visual design
The company Info-port went into the market with a concept — unique for Russia — for the centralized offering of a range of services in point-of-sale outlets. This service allows a customer to visit a POS (say a mobile phone selling outlet) and book an air ticket, pay a phone bill and also extend or refill an MTPL policy.

1C: Bukhgalteria 8.0

Client: 1C companyOpen in new window— software developer
Project type: Desktop application — Usability testing, UI Redesign
In this project we conducted express usability testing of a range of mechanisms within the best-selling package for accounting automation - 1S: Bukhgalteria 8.0. The work was conducted in order to define the quality of the system's services and to uncover any existing problems. As a result, we formulated and presented a detailed report with a summary on the project.

aspersky Administration Kit 5.0

Client: Kaspersky LabOpen in new window— a leading developer of Internet threat management solutions that protect against viruses, spyware, hackers and spam
Project type: Desktop application — Usability testing, UI Redesign
Even on your own computer, it is not always easy to properly setup and use an antivirus kit. How about an operator who needs to set it up correctly on tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of computers?! To resolve this issue we devised a package for administering antivirus modules installed on corporate network computers.

Leisure Community Service

Client: WildBitOpen in new window(USA)
Project type: Commubity website — Competitive analysis, UI Redesign
Internet resources offering information on where and how you can spend your free time are extremely popular. With the help of such community services you can, for example, choose a restaurant, a concert or a party to drop in on. For this project we were tasked with redesigning the interface of one such resource.

Usability Testing of Corporate Site

Client: Fujitsu Siemens ComputersOpen in new window
Project type: Corporate website — Usability testing
We have conducted usability testing on the Russian site of one of the largest producers of computer equipment. The work was conducted in a specialized lab under the supervision of an expert from Syzygy AG (a company engaged in usability testing, ordered by Fujitsu Siemens Computers) who came over from Germany for the project.

Service for Selecting and Renting Real Estate

Client: OEM DesignOpen in new window— IT developers
Project type: Mobile application — UI design, Usability testing
For this project we have designed and tested an interface for the remote selection of real estate services for mobile phones via SMS. With the use of such a service the user can at any time choose a suitable apartment to rent, using a regular mobile phone.

Rumus2: Analysis of Financial Information

Client: FOREX ClubOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI redesign, Visual design, Development monitoring, Usability consulting
The international foreign exchange market FOREX is likely the most democratic market possible. Anyone can be a trader here - you just need a computer hooked up to the Internet. Using a special program a trader can sell one currency and buy another, making money from the fluctuating exchange rates of the currencies.

Project Management System for Filmmakers

Client: BAZELEVS ProductionOpen in new window— filmmakers company
Project type: Web application — Expert evaluation, Usability testing
The project management system for filmmakers from BAZELEVS Production — one of the largest producers of advertisements, videos and movies. This company was involved in the production of special effects for the renowned blockbuster Night WatchOpen in new window.
In this project we worked on the interface of the internal system of project management and resource planning on the final stage of making movies and videos: editing and post-production.

Client-Bank System for Internet Banking

Client: Bank's Soft SystemsOpen in new window— IT solutions developer and provider for the bank sector
Project type: Web application — Expert evaluation, Usability testing
The goal of the project was to define the user interface qualities of the existing «client-bank» system, identify the interface bottlenecks and present methods for eliminating such difficulties. We conducted expert evaluation and usability testing of the internet module of «client-bank» and formulated and presented a report detailing the results.

System of Evaluation of 'Terroristproofness' of Buildings

Client: KOMPOSIT Risk Consultants & Insurance Brokers Ltd (Germany)Open in new window— a leader in power and automation technologies
Project type: Web application — UI Design, Usability consulting
The company KOMPOSIT uses its proprietary analysis model to evaluate the risk posed by terrorist attacks. The SATAP Rating Tool, the security and terrorism assessment program, was created specifically for collecting and analyzing data. We got involved in this project for the purpose of improving the usability of the system.

GARANT Platforma F1 System

Client: Garant-ServiceOpen in new window— the leading information systems' developer
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI redesign, Visual design, Usability consulting
The reference system GARANT is one of those software products which have become fundamental in our country. The vast majority of lawyers and accountants use this system in their everyday work. Thousands and thousands of documents, comments and references — all this information needed to be conveniently organized and made easily available.

IP-Telephony Billing System

Client: SU 29 TelecomOpen in new window— Internet and IP-telephony provider
Project type: Voice interface, Web application — Competitive review, UI Design
A client is able to monitor his account and manage services either from his «Personal Office» via the Internet, or using the voice interface directly over the telephone. Designing such a system is challenging because you need to account for the fact that the user is very cautious and exacting in dealing with it, since in most cases the transactions in the system are related to their personal funds.

Investor's BOX: Monitoring the activities of traders in the foreign exchange market

Client: FOREX ClubOpen in new window
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI redesign, Visual design, Usability consulting
We have completely redesigned the interface of the application, used by investors for setting limits and monitoring the activities of traders working with their accounts.

Administration Module of the UAIS of SCC

Client: State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI Design
We were entrusted with the design of the user interface of the system of complex administration of the Unified Automated Information System of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation. We developed a general concept for the user interface and created detailed patterns for key, on-screen forms in the system. We also prepared a package of documentation for the developed interface.

Hotel Business Automation System

Client: MTech, USAOpen in new window— IT services for hotels provider
Project type: .NET application — User experience study, UI Design
We were tasked with optimizing the information structures and navigation of the system and also the standardization and simplification of the data-entry forms. The developed product was awarded the prestigious Microsoft Customer Experience Award in 2004, which says something about the great usability qualities of the product.

Automation of Insurers' Working Place, Life Insurance Module

Client: RosgosstrakhOpen in new window— Russian government insurance company
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI redesign
While working on this module we managed to put forward, successfully defend and introduce a completely original interface concept, which supported the business processes of Rosgosstrakh, while significantly improving its usability.

Automation of Insurers' Working Place, MTPL Insurance Module

Client: RosgosstrakhOpen in new window— Russian government insurance company
Project type: Desktop application — User experience study, UI redesign
In this project we completely redesigned the product's interface. Now the system is used in more than 2000 offices of Rosgosstrakh all around Russia. According to the results of testing conducted, the performance of employees increased by 300% after the interface was reworked!

Global and Marketing Sites

Client: Intel CorporationOpen in new window
Project type: Web site — User experience study, Usability testing
During the summer of 2003, Intel Corporation was conducting task matching and usability tsting of new global and special marketing sites. The project was conducted simultaneously in many countries around the world. We joined Intel on this project as its Russian partner.

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