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UIDesign Group was founded in January 2003. We are one of the pioneers of the Russian market in the area of designing user interfaces and interactive design and we are proud to do this job.

According to our deep belief — that people are everything — the success of a company is 100% dependant upon the professionalism of its employees, team spirit and a positive mood amongst the staff. Today, our company is comprised of young and energetic people — experts in their fields, and we are proud to have them.

Platon Dneprovskiy

General Director, Partner

Platon is one of the founders of UIDesign Group. In his professional career and prior to starting his own business, Platon went the whole way from a mere interface designer to the head of a design department. His main principles are integrity and honesty, both to the company's clients and his staff.
Despite his busy schedule of organizational activities and running the company, Platon is actively involved in control the quality of the whole range of services offered by UIDesign Group.

The irreplaceable author of the Look from the InsideOpen in new window blog.

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Alexey Kopylov

Technical Director, Partner

Alexey has been involved in designing user interfaces for 8 years. Prior to creating UIDesign Group he was working in this area for large Russian and foreign companies. Alexey's work is always scientifically-based, backed up by theory and the results of his own and outside research. Supporting the popularization of the term «usability« in Russia, Alexey founded the community ru_ucdesignOpen in new window, ceaselessly participates in various conferences and acts as an editor of Russian-language books devoted to issues of usability. Within the company he plays the role of coach for newly employed members of the team.

Author of the blog Redesign it immediately!Open in new window— devoted to issues and solutions in the area of usability

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Natalia Kirillova

Business Development Director

Natalia is one of the few experts in Russia who majored in design-related fields: in 2003 she successfully completed a program on User System InteractionOpen in new window hosted by the Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands), where she was awarded a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).
A definite advantage for Natalia is that she holds a degree in economics and has vast experience in finance, which helps significantly in running the company.
Natalia's arrival had a great impact on the quality of work in our company. Her multilateral experience and knowledge helps not only with the handling of large and complex projects but also with the tactical and strategic development of the company.

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